Our Services

Finger Management Corp. tailors its services to each property according to its specifics needs and/or requirements. We take the time to listen to what it is that each client needs and wants us to do in order to best facilitate the management of each respective property put in our care.

The level of service and professionalism offered at Finger Management Corp. is unmatched in our industry. Our "hands-on" approach to property management takes us out of the office and into the field to meet existing problems and issues head-on and to use all of our expertise and experience to prevent any future issues and/or problems that may adversely affect the property under our care.

Some of the services offered, but are not limited to, are:

  • "24/7" emergency answering service with direct tie-in to all property managers
  • Monthly billing and rent/maintenance collections
  • Review and payment of vendor invoices
  • Provide detailed monthly financial reports
  • Review and maintain all building files and information
  • Monitor tenant compliance with lease terms
  • Initiate legal actions and appear in landlord-tenant court
  • Supervise building employees and daily building maintenance
  • Obtain contractor bids and oversee renovations
  • Negotiate and obtain all building contracts (i.e. boiler, elevator, exterminator)
  • Prepare and update all reporting requirements with the appropriate government agencies
  • Violation removal
  • Negotiate competitive prices and volume discounts with vendors
  • Subleasing and alteration agreements
  • Lease renewals, negotiations and escalations
  • Attend monthly and annual board meetings
  • Residential and Commercial Sales and Leasing
  • ACH online rent/maintenance payments
  • Ability to be part of our master insurance policy with a $100 million dollar umbrella policy